The Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) is an institution that empowers young people to participate in government and contributes significantly to their increased political involvement. However, like many of our institutions it has become tainted. Given that, many of you have expressed the desire for it to abolished. That is understandable, but that is an emotional response.

Putting an end to the SK does not solve the problem of corruption because it does not start in the SK. It begins in people and is furthered strengthened by the weakness or lack of regulation. In the case of institution, that means Lackness of checks and balances and provisions for transparency and accountability.

Some of you have defended the young officials by saying they are not blame for their actions. That is the system that is rotten. Em Seventeen called them “Victims of Temptation” but do not use age or inexperience as a defense. That does not lessen the gravity of the situation. All it does is disregard has shown in his post, “I am one of the new SK elected Chairman at the municipality of Libacao here in Aklan.” We gave money to our fellow but not that big, can we called that Vote buying? Yes it can. Whether it is corruption in large quantities or small quantities, it is still corruption.

What then can be done? Its is good to call out against and report abuse, but that is not enough. We must take steps to combat it. All of us want change so let us bring that about instead of waiting for someone to do it for us.

We can start by educating ourselves with what is going on in the political sphere, Read the papers, watch the news, and Know what is going on your area. When elections come, Please do vote wisely. Do not sell your vote. It is the most important right you have as a citizen in a democratic country. It is your power to elect your representative on Government.



How Social Media has helped Families, Social workers. etc?

  • In the social media, the news is easier to spread by only sharing in internet, many people can see this especially the people who are using social media, them our Governor they are posting a news in their page by that many people can see these news, example of the news are when they are no classes because of heavy rain. Social media is forms of electronic communication which users create online communities, to share information, Ideas, Personal messages, and other content. The media can provide much needed impetor in risk mitigation and calamities preparedness in any society, In any country around the globe. 🙂

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